The Leading Tone creates programs, or "projects", customized to respond to the changing needs of the communities we serve. Each project is student-centered and empowers teaching artists with the tools and resources they need to make a positive impact.

Yeti Records

Grades 3-5

Yeti Records puts students in the drivers' seat, equipping them with the tools to write and record their own lyrics, songs, and beats. The name reflects the power of the word “yet”. Learning a new skill—like making music—can be challenging. Students sometimes say “I can’t do that.” We want them to know that’s okay, we just want them to add one more word: “I can’t do that…yet.” By adding the word “yet”, the statement “I can’t” goes from being a fixed assessment of what they can do to being a declaration that they are in process, that where they are now isn’t necessarily where they’ll be after they keep trying and working at it.

Sidewalk Orchestra

Grades K-3

Sidwalk orchestra emphasizes music and movement that can be applied outside of the school day, at home with family, neighbors, and friends.

Bucket Band

Grades 1-5

Bucket Band teaches rhythmic skills in a group music-making setting through bucket-drumming. We use paint buckets as drums with drumsticks and bass drumsticks as well as guerros and shakers made of recycled bottles and drain pipes.

Aesop's Fable Project

Grades 1-4

The students read and acted out a series of Aesop's fables over the course of a semester, culminating in a production written and performed by the students. The students chose an Aesop's fable, created a musical script retelling the story, and composed an original score for their production. The 3rd-4th graders played the speaking roles, while the 1st-2nd graders performed the score on buckets and recorders.

Educator Arts Day at the Phoenix Art Museum

Teacher Continuing Education

We offered continuing education workshops to K-12 teachers of all subjects at the Phoenix Art Museum's Education Arts Day. We shared practical methods of incorporating music into the classroom enhance youth development and core-curriculum learning, including using music to:
  • Heighten student focus by increasing mindfulness
  • Create a classroom culture which amplifies student engagement
  • Drive critical analysis of literary, cultural, and historical figures and movements.